How to properly groom a Pomeranian

OK- here’s the problem I have – I have a Pomeranian and she needs be groomed every month. It costs me $45 bucks every time. Wow – who has that kind of money? And I thought, if they can do it, so can I. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, professional training for dog grooming really does help!


Now, I know what you are thinking – that’s a lot of hair! You’re telling me. Since I love my Pom as if she were my fur-kid, she needs this monthly maintenance. You may think that I am crazy and she doesn’t actually need to be groomed every month. But there are some fun facts to know before you think that this dog will be easy to take of.

First, Poms have 2 coats – yep, that’s right! Two coats. The top coat is the long hair and the bottom coat is like cotton. Because the pom has been over-bred, they come with special features. For instance, dry skin. To alleviate your fur-baby’s dry skin, you must brush their hair daily and give them a bath once a month. Sounds easy. Or, so I thought.

I guess I started to go wrong when I used too much shampoo and she ended up looking like a sloppy wet sponge.

When we put her through her 5th rinse cycle and made sure we got all the shampoo out, we dried her. I don’t know if you have ever tried to dry a 2-year old’s hair, but think of it as the same thing when I tried to blow-dry my Pom’s hair. If you can’t get your dog to sit still longer than 2 minutes with a large blow dryer in their face – congratulations! You are several steps ahead of me when it comes to training.

I thought the problems were over – nope. In addition to washing and drying a dog, the services of groomer don’t stop there. I tried cutting her toe nails. Yikes – I gave up after one when I cut the wick and she started bleeding all over the place. I have to put to groomers who know where the nail stops and the wick starts. For those who don’t know – a wick is a dog’s cuticle and when it is cut, it bleeds. Not a pretty site, for sure.

So, I got the bath, drying and one toe nail cut and thought I was done. Right? Nope! Pomeranians have hair – and a ton of it. Of course I thought I could trim her hair and have it come out looking great! Again – how wrong was I? My darling girl now looks like she had her hair cut by a blind Edward Scissorhands.

Well I did end up taking her to get groomed and now she looks like a Pom!


But I know that I have either half to shell out the $45 bucks to get her groomed – or learn how to groom dogs professionally. I did find a website where I could learn how to groom a dog. There are some schools that offer online veterinary training, like Penn Foster Career School . They have an online program to learn all about grooming! I think that my Pom would appreciate if I did learn some grooming skills for the next time.


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